The Citi-son Group is divided into community circles, cooperative clusters, and church and family-based cells.  We are bringing believers together from all parts of the region and from every walk of life to be active participants in the fellowship and development of the Church as a city within the city and a community within each community.
A compound word based on Ephesians 2:19, which says we are all "citizens of the household of faith," and Galatians 2:26, says "we are all sons of God by faith in Jesus Christ."
Citi-Sons are provided with information, updates, teaching, and opportunities to be involved.  They have a voice in decision-making.  They are provided with community-based support in the pursuit of their God-ordained destinies.  Citi-Sons also have opportunities to participate in the design and implementation of the various aspects of the City on a Hill according to their areas of interest and expertise.