NU PLAN NEWS (4-30-23)

Good Afternoon!

As we prepare for today's worship gatherings, I am asking Ekklesia leaders to encourage those we lead to be active participants in this year's Zion Has Come celebration.  We are gathering online for his prophetically significant occasion on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 6:30 PM.  Our assignment from the LORD is to activate Chicago's Kingdom destiny, really "turn on" the light of this "Beam City," which is centered on having oneness that agrees with the LORD Jesus in reforming the Church to be a regional city within the city.  In so doing, we will receive grace to contend with and overcome the spirit of Babylon that has promoted adversarial unity throughout the history of our region.  AS WE GATHER, EKKLESIA LEADERS will be asked to lead prayer and to make prophetic declarations; and PARTICIPATING CITI-SONS will be invited to briefly describe their Kingdom assignments, which are part of the light that must now be released from Chicago and the surrounding communities.
The link for Wednesday evening is  The Call-in number is 872-240-3412.  Access Code:  510-532-045.
In addition to Wednesday, I am also encouraging leaders and Citi-Sons to organize local gatherings of any size.  It may be online, in-person, or on the telephone - to activate the Kingdom destinies - the prophetic purpose -  of the specific communities we each represent.  Each community carries an important part of the Beam of Light that must now be released from our region.
May we each receive illumination as we come together during the coming week..
Peace and Blessings in Jesus' name!!!