NU PLAN NEWS (9/15/22)

By the LORD'S leading, Kingdom-minded saints, Ecclesia leaders, and Beam City reps, are gathering at 6640 S. Kedzie Avenue at 7:00 P.M. on September 28, 2022.

On this prophetically strategic date, we are establishing a new dimension of fellowship for the Body of Christ that makes it possible to build and become a fully-functioning Zion, a city within our cities, and a 1 Peter 2:9 holy nation within our nation and the world.

I believe - as a result -- that many individual destinies, gifts, and callings will be unlocked, as God's people find a gateway to the fulfillment of purpose through the development of the Church as Zion.

We are looking forward to a time of encountering God.  I pray nothing keeps you from attending.  And hope to seeing you on the 28th!