The final teaching module for Citi-Son Orientation is next week - Tuesday, March 14th and Thursday, March 16th from 6:30 - 8:00 PM both evenings.  The topic is "Understanding and Entering God's Kingdom."  This is a foundational teaching for everyone who is a participant in the City within the City, and also opens up other courses for those who wish to be "experts" in the Kingdom of God.  The link for both evenings is:

Later in the month, on Tuesday, March 28th at 6:30 PM we will begin the series on "How to Build a Koinonia Economy."  This series will be taught on the 4th Tuesday evenings going forward.  The other teaching for the month is a practical seminar on "How to work with the Scarlet Hope Initiative" to minister to your neighborhood.  This will be on Thursday, March 30th at 6:30 PM.

Each of these is taught through the Nu Plan Action and Development Institute which is part of the Kingdom Education Cooperative -- which is beginning this month.  The Education Cooperative includes DEM Arts Academy.  The Kingdom School, and  others.  It is our aim to orientate, equip, and mobilize ministers and other Citi-Sons to fulfill Kingdom destinies and also to certify Nu Plan Practitioners, Activists, and Developers to build local Zion and participate in its fellowship.

In addition to courses being offered through the Education Co-op, we are also activating regional panels that will meet during working lunches held on Fridays at noon.  These include the Kingdom Education Panel on 1st Fridays - March 3, the Kingdom Economy Panel on 2nd Fridays - March 10th, the Kingdom Community Care Panel on 3rd Fridays - March 17th, and the Kingdom Development Panel on 4th Fridays - March 24th.

If any of these are of interest to you, please let me know directly or communicate through your pastor.

Peace and Blessings in Jesus Name!!!