Good Afternoon!

Here is a Summary of the Warfare Prayer Assignment scheduled for Saturday evening online from 7-8 PMIntercessors repping Chicago will be joined by intercessors from around Illinois.  The prayer is focused on binding the efforts of this week's Chicago Frequency Festival to bring unity to mankind by blending all the genres of music into one sound, and to create sound waves and rhythms to synchronize Chicago and Chicago's youth with global Babylon and the Spirit on the antichrist.  At the same time, we want to declare the release of the sound of heaven into the body of Christ so we may sing (with agreement) to the historic well of Kingdom movement in Chicago and release the River of the LORD that has been dormant here (21:17).  The link will be coming later.  Thank you for standing on agreement.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Blessings in Jesus' Name!