NU PLAN UPDATES - (10/28/22)

Good afternoon!  Last evening's Citi-Son Activation Seminar was a good success!  I am thankful for the input of the Ekklesia leaders and Citi-Sons who were there.  We shared information on how to win the spiritual war for the destiny of our regional city.  For anyone who missed the gathering, a bullet point outline is available upon request.  Looking ahead, our next Citi-Son Seminar is scheduled for Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 6:30 PM.  We will discuss Kingdom-based Nu Plan strategies for community transformation.

On another note, Apostle Anthony Wilson, a member of the Regional Ekklesia, is running for the Illinois House of Representatives on the far south side and south suburbs.  As a kingdom-minded candidate, he is in need of volunteers and financial support in order to help win his race.  I encourage anyone who is able, to reach out to Apostle Anthony, and each does whatever we can to help.  His phone number is 773-673-0772.  He meets with campaign staff and team members every Saturday at noon.

As we move forward, don't forget to encourage others to register as Citi-Sons so they can participate in the fellowship of the Kingdom Cooperative Church, and help to execute God's Nu Plan for our regional city.  Please let me know if you are interested in hosting an orientation gathering after election day.

Let's keep each other lifted in prayer.  Peace and Blessings in Jesus' name!