NU PLAN NEWS (8/15/22)

Approximately one month before the September 28 gathering, we will have an online Citi-Son Activation and Orientation Seminar.  On Wednesday, August 31 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM we will gather online to review the core elements of the Nu Plan for Chicago, share important updates, and provide information concerning the Citi-Son Community Transformation strategy.  Our goal is to equip Kingdom Citi-Sons so we can each participate in bringing Kingdom transformation to our communities and the region.  The link is:

I along with the other Ecclesia leaders look forward to seeing you online on August 31 and in person on September 28.  Peace and Blessings!  In Jesus' Name!!

Good evening!  Here are a couple of important upcoming dates.  First, this year's Holy Nation Dedication Gathering is on September 28 at 7 PM at 6640 S. Kedzie.  This is a prophetically significant date that marks 480 years of warfare for the destiny of this continent.  Ecclesia members, Beam City Leaders, and Kingdom Citi-Sons are coming together to lay hold of the destinies of Chicago and other strategic American cities, and the destinies of the generations of youth who have been drawn here by the LORD.

In a time of fellowship that includes food, worship, prayer, prophetic exhortation, and the LORD'S Table, we will chart a Kingdom course for the next 7-year Shemitah period which begins that week with Rosh Hashanah.  This includes building and becoming a city within our cities, and gathering and equipping Kingdom armies that will transform cities and nations.