NU PLAN NEWS (8/18/22)

Good Afternoon!  The LORD has impressed me with a prayer emphasis that begins on the 22nd of each month and takes 8 days.  In line with Isaiah 22:22, the overall aim is for a governmental shift that makes Kingdom occupation possible.  We understand that our adversary does everything he can to render Kingdom government dysfunctional.

On 7/22/22 the prayer focused on the brutal warfare the enemy wages against Kingdom revelation and the apostles and prophets who carry it.  Revelation is the key to release of Kingdom government and authority.  The enemy that wars against Kingdom revelation is typified by 2 lions - those that stand guard at the Art Museum, and the Lions of Tsavo on display in the Field Museum. Without revelation, the church remains in darkness, unable to come to the light of Christ and his Church.  So we are overcoming these lion-like entities in Jesus' Name!

On 8/22/22 the Holy Spirit is emphasizing the warfare for the imagination and allegiance of the prophetically named "John the Baptist" Generation, which includes both gens "Y" and "Z."  Youth have a strategic role in carrying God's government into the earth.  According to Psalm 110, there is a generation of youth (as many as the dew) who will extend Christ's governmental authority "in the day of His power."

One of the focal points of our warfare prayer over the next 8 days is executing Kingdom victory over the spirit of Bud (Buddha) Billiken.  For 93 years the Bud Billiken Parade has been used to dedicate generations of American Youth to the Prince of the Power of the Air and the spirit of anti-Christ.  It is interesting to note that the 100th parade anniversary in 2029 coincides with the ending of the 7-year Shemitah period that begins with this upcoming Kingdom New Year (Rosh Hashanah).  The parade itself features an alliance of governmental, social, and educational entities coming together to keep youth from pursuing a Kingdom destiny . . . and taking their place as warriors who establish Kingdom fellowship and extend Kingdom government throughout the earth.

This year's Buddha Billiken Parade is accompanied by parade scenes that are projected on the Merchandise Mart from June thru September.  I believe this indicates the role Mammon plays in binding sons and daughters to the "god of this world."  By keeping them bound to the economy of Mammon, as typified by the Merchandise Mart, the enemy severely limits their movement on behalf of God's Kingdom - while hijacking their abilities and seducing them to help build a global Babylon.

As we pray, we are sending the sword of the LORD to dismantle this connection.  We are also seeking for downloads of heavenly revelation, so we may engage the armies of John the Baptist Generation sons and daughters in developing Kingdom economies that are consistent with their destinies and in fulfilling their generational purpose, which includes building and becoming the global Zion of the LORD.

Beginning today and throughout this 8-day period, we are enforcing written judgments concerning Buddha Billiken.  We are celebrating the victory of Jesus Christ over every spirit related to the Prince of the Power of the Air, anti-Christ, and Mammon.  We are casting him out of the position he has taken over generations thru our unwitting dedications to Budda Billiken.  We are also preparing to occupy the land with the fellowship of Christ - which is holy, healthy, and holistic.  By God's grace, we will fill the vacancy left by their departure with all the dimensions of Kingdom fellowship, including fully-functioning Kingdom economy.  In Jesus' Name!