Good Afternoon, Kingdom Citi-Sons(s)!

It is wonderful to know that whether male or female, we are all sons of God by faith in Christ Jesus!

THIS YEARS' SUMMIT SERIES was everything the LORD wanted.  It was a time to scope out the different aspects of the Kingdom city and nation so individual Citi-Sons can better understand how their gifts - and ministry assignments - connect with God's overall Kingdom purpose for our region.  It was also a time to launch this year's advance, with emphasis on contending for the destiny of our Regional City, in line with Matthew 11:12 and Luke 16:16.

Going forward, the Ekklesia Council encourages EVERY CITI-SON TO BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT.  This includes purposing in our hearts to GIVE AN OFFERING on the 4th week of every month to support the work of building and becoming a Kingdom City within our Region, and a Kingdom Community within our communities.  FOR NOW, OFFERINGS CAN BE GIVEN ON CASH APP at $NuChurchMovement (or at Zelle to phone #:  312-925-2269).  Funds will help conduct events, create media, and support organizing efforts in each community.

Also, ACTIVE PARTICIPATION MAY INCLUDE:  joining one of the Citi-Son Panels:  economy at 12 PM on 2nd Fridays beginning March 10th and education community care, and community development on 4th Fridays beginning March 24th.  Panels are set up as online working lunches.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION MAY ALSO INCLUDE:  joining in neighborhood transformation efforts.  An important transformation training for THE SCARLET HOPE INITIATIVE will be on Thursday, March 30th at 6:30 PM.

To better equip every Citi-Son, we are also launching the King Cooperative Certification School beginning in March.  This will include DEM Arts Academy on Saturday mornings beginning March 11th - a foundational module on Understanding and Experiencing God's Kingdom with online lunch and evening sessions on Tuesday and Thursday - March 14 and March 16, and Cooperation in Christ on the 4th Monday evenings, starting March 27th.

All evenings begin at 6:30 PM.  The link is: