NU Plan for Chicago - Overview (continued)

By the grace of God, we are contending for the destiny of Chicago and the nation . . .
  • Chicago is a turning point for the restoration of our national destiny
  • Chicago is a flashpoint for the final phase of global Church reformation
  • Chicago is a center of fellowship and mobilization for generations of sons and daughters
  • Chicago is a center for developing models and prototypes of the church as a City on a Hill
We are overcoming pride-based plans that would make Chicago a center of energy and creativity for global Babylon - believing God to fulfill His Word that "He Will" make our city a center of energy and creativity for global Zion.
Join the 2021-2022 "He Will Campaign" - two years of gathering, connecting, organizing, planning, and preparing for the decade ahead.
  • 2023 - 2024:  demonstrating and developing the infrastructure of the city within the city
  • 2025 - 2028:  overcoming and establishing a fully-functioning Zion of the LORD
  • 2029 - 2030:  increasing and expanding global infrastructures